Elia with the Curator, Paintings

Glow In The Dark Painting – Art By Elia

Glow In The Dark Painting, “La Cebra 🦓”  An Art By Elia paintings. #zebras#glowinthedarkpainting#epoxyresin#mixedmediaart#alebrijesmexicanos#artshowIron Fist Brewing Company @chicanalilly

Art By Elia creates this beautiful painting created with neon paint. It looks so amazing with the black lighting. This painting reminds Elia of art classes that she took when she was a child back in Mexico. See below for the amazing affect black light affect on her painting.

Le Cebra /Art By Elia

Art By Elia does it again with her Glow In The Dark Painting. Such an amazing artist with the ability to touch people through her art.  Elia is the embodiment of a strong latin woman.  She is beautiful inside and out.  Creativity is emitted from her hands.  Elia Displayed this piece at the Iron Fist Brewery in San Diego, California.  


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