Artist, Elia promoting her painting. The Golden Girl and The Crow.


” I’m so thankful for this opportunity and to be able to share my experience with my mom and one of my best friends! #empoweringwomen! #artshow #thegoldengirl#empowerartshow Hanalei Artworks @ Mike Hess Brewing Company North Park.” Art By Elia

Art By Elia displays her beautiful painting titled The Golden Girl And The Crow. “This painting is inspired upon every woman that’s blooming, growing and awakening her awareness of her own self. The crow is her wise reminder to be strong, wise and true to herself.” Elia


Latin Portrait Painting For Sale at paintings for sale online.   This painting was created by Art BY Elia. Please read below for her story.  To learn more about Elia, you can read her story HERE.  Do you have a portrait that you would like turned into an oil painting?  Contact us HERE FOR MORE DETAILS  Or you can visit our website at where we have a live chat option.

Empower Woman Art Show Featuring art by elia's painting, titled, "the golden girl and the crow."
Empower Woman Art Show

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